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Wedding Photography: Pre-Wedding Shoot

Sam and Vivio: Pre-wedding photo shoot in Birmingham City Centre

Sam and Vivio's pre-wedding photo shoot was a memorable experience that captured their love and excitement for their upcoming wedding. The shoot took place on a hot summer day, which added to the energy and vibrancy of the photos. The couple chose two locations for their shoot, each offering a unique backdrop for their love story.

The first location was the city centre, which provided a stunning setting with its grand architecture and bustling streets. The couple posed against historic buildings and walked hand in hand through the city's vibrant atmosphere. The second location was a park with its woodlands and green space. The lush greenery and natural beauty of the park provided a serene and romantic setting for the couple's intimate moments. Together, the two locations perfectly captured the essence of Sam and Vivio's love story, showcasing their connection and the beauty of the world around them.


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