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Sam and Angelica's wedding at the Ash Barton Estate in Devon was a truly memorable event. The celebration was filled with an incredible atmosphere, making it fun and vibrant for everyone involved. The couple went above and beyond to incorporate Angelica's Chinese cultural heritage into the venue's decorations, creating a visually striking and unique setting. The bride looked absolutely stunning in her elegant dress, while the groom's choice of a green suit was nothing short of epic. As a photographer and videographer, it was both an honor and a privilege to document such a special occasion, capturing the joy and love that radiated throughout the day.

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The ambiance at Sam and Angelica's wedding at the Ash Barton Estate in Devon was absolutely electrifying. From the moment we arrived, the air was filled with laughter, excitement, and pure happiness. It was evident that the couple had put great thought and care into every detail, as the venue was beautifully adorned with elements representing Angelica's Chinese heritage. The bride's cultural touch added another level of elegance and charm to the entire setting. Not to be outdone, the groom made a bold fashion statement with his epic green suit that undoubtedly turned heads throughout the day. As photographers and videographers, we felt incredibly privileged to witness and capture the love and joy that radiated from Sam and Angelica and their guests.


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